Bases perform the important function of creating a support for skylights and opening systems and solving problems of in ltration in docking between the roof and the covering. The type of base, which can be sheet metal or berglass, is identi ed in relation to the structural type of a roof. Sheet metal bases are usually used for at roofs subject to waterproo ng with bituminous or PVC sleeves. Fiberglass bases are mainly used on Greek fret or corrugated coverings where the difference in slope and the conformation itself require adequate sealing, faithfully copying the Greek fret or covering corrugation waves.

Attention to the perfect construction and assembly of these products is essential for the achievement of excellent results. Steel sheet bases are con- structed, conforming material to a “C” shape so as to create a support foot and a plane to receive skylights and pro le frames. PRFV ( berglass) bases are built on suitable models, designed according to the type of roo ng. They require an accurate process which combines design, implementation of the model and moulding. Poliform Lucernari possesses a wide range of models that are adaptable to most coverings on the market. Tailor made models can be built upon customer requests.

sheet metal bases
Galvanised and/or pre-varnished white-greyish colour, various thicknesses, moulded in the perimeter edge formation. All this is supplied in a special angle assembly kit to facilitate assembly, installation, and fastening. It can also be supplied insulated with polyurethane, polystyrene, polystyrene with tarred sheath coating and/or with rock wool covered with tar sheath. Includes seals, bolts and all components necessary for installation.


fiberglass bases
Component moulded in reinforced berglass resin, treated externally with a grey colour lm of gelcoat with protection thickness 8/10, internal resin with white gelcoat for increased light. This construction also offers pleasant aesthetics both externally (colours, measurement and ribs the same as the covering) and internally (white surfaces for increased light). In addition to being extremely easy to install, this element is able to solve all problems related to installing openable mechanisms and skylights on insulated coverings, maintaining the same structural and capacity features. Furthermore, it perfectly adapts to the insulated panel without the aid of any tin work, fully preventing the possibility of water in ltration in coverings. Vertical insulation and/or additional insulation over the entire beam for curved coverings, constructed in the insulating cover in the formation of a package of thickness equal to the package of the panel such as to form a perfect monolithic replacement of the covering slabs eliminated for insertion with variable density expanded polyurethane/polystyrene/rock wool, re reaction class in accordance with EN 13501-1.