Miksover alvelar

“Miksover” corrugated skylights are constructed through patented variable taper thermoforming, connectable on the front to all types of 5 corrugated Sandwich panels. Its particular con guration allows the creation of gaps parallel to the length of the ridge. The thickness of the slab used can be 4, 6, 10 and 16 mm with double and triple wall, ensuring high impact resistance and excellent insulation.

Miksover solves a market need.

The creation of a gaps parallel to the ridge on double slope prefabricated pieces has always been entrusted to the use of special materials: berglass or other similar that do not guarantee high mechanical strength (hail) and, especially, re resistance in case of re. Our product is useful where the receptivity of these parameters is required, creating a combination of quality and price that is hard to match. The uniqueness of the product lies in the nature of the material with which it is constructed but especially in its shape. In fact, Miksover is the rst skylight that can be coupled at the front with sandwich panels or sheets in alvelar polycarbonate.