types of fastenings

FIXBLOCK: special Nylon clamps reinforced with EPDM suction seals.
A Poliform Lucernari invention born from the need to unite and solve problems created by xing with clips (clamps). The rst is the sealing impact, which exce- eds 5 cm creating a greater pressure on the surface. Each point is 300 kg shear resistant. The design of the suction seal guarantees outstanding tightness as the gasket creates an internal and external seal. The skylight remains rmly anchored to the substrate so any overturning does not move the dome.
The impact on the surface of the dome with the EPDM suction cup provides ela- sticity to the normal expansions of polycarbonate. Installation is fast and easy, also allowing changes of position. The nickel-plated steel screw remains protected from the elements as it is housed internally.


CLAMPS: aluminium, conformed shape bracket.
Created in the 70’s to remedy the particular problem of the breakage of skylights at that time made only in P.M.M.A. (Plexiglas), a highly fragile product. The appli- cation of polycarbonate for skylights arose in the 80’s and 90’s as a product that is highly resistant to shocks and with fastenings created with clamping screws. Clamp fastening is point- xed; that is, it impacts the support surface only on the thickness used (usually 2 cm). Breaking resistance (wind) does not exceed 100 kg also if used for ENFC and sometimes, during dome overturning, it involves its movement with the result of having to realign it after closure. This problem regards different types of clamps available on the market. In fact, even if the same clamp can vary from type to type, the indicated problem remains. In addition to the listed sensitivity of the product, it must also be noted that installation is slower by more than half compared with xing screws.