intrusion protection grilles and safety nets

“Integrated Poliform” system
The need for addition of safety nets in opening systems such as smoke vents has led Poliform Lucernari to develop “Integrated Poliform” systems. These are galvanised steel nets inserted ex works inside frames. This system prevents net cutting throughout the overall dimensions of the vents and involves very fast installation while also allowing net application at a later time after waterproo ng. The system is certi ed by a research and testing institute for a resistance of a strength equal to 1200J (Joule).


The domes and skylights have a mechanical resistance that varies according to the use of various materials.
For example, a skylight constructed in 16 mm alvelar polycarbonate is highly impact-resistant and has a high load capacity. Liability obligations howe- ver require additional protections, especially in the presence of openable parts. Nets or grilles are used to meet this requirement.
Safety nets are made of galvanised steel mesh with interwoven wires with variable diameter from 2 to 8 mm. They constitute a sealing barrier for any falling bodies, and they are usually anchored to the foot of the skylight below the supporting base.


Intrusion protection grilles are railings consisting of full galvanised steel braids with minimum diameter 16 mm, made from cross-mesh and which must have a minimum space between gaps. They constitute burglary protection and must therefore be very resistant and anchored so they cannot be removed.