Short monolithic domes

Monolithic domes CE marked in accordance with EN1873/2014 created by means of thermoforming at slabs.

Its particular shape makes it impact resistant (in polycarbonate versions), self-supporting and easy to assemble. Domes are always accompanied by standard fastening accessories and special seals. Thermal insulation and re resistance are given by the type of material with which they are constructed.

Excellent insulation consists of the use of alvelar polycarbonate as the re reaction class according to EN13501-1 which does not go beyond declaration B S2 d0. The versions can be double or triple wall, in case of use of solid sheets, in combination with compact slabs and velarium alvelar polycarbonate or directly in the 16/20/25 mm thicknesses in a single special alvelar polycarbonate solution.