Divided into two types:

Roof (horizontal enfc, on sloping roofs, curved roofs or Sheds)

Wall (enfc applied to vertical building walls)

The difference in type lies in the SUA value (Aa). In fact, roof ENFCs, being very exposed, require a SUA value tested with the wind blowing against

the flue outlet to ensure efficiency even in cases of evacuation in extreme situations. For this reason, roof vents applied to sheds require protections

that act as wind screens, as they are very exposed because they are arranged vertically, while horizontal vents, even with blowing wind, create a

chimney effect exhaust and easily expel fumes.

Wall vents, as they are highly influenced by the wind, undergo enforcement by regulations and must ensure an opening both upwind and downwind.

For this reason, mirrored application is required with the wind sensor so as to always open the correct number of devices with favourable wind.

The entire range of Poliform Lucernari smoke and heat vents is tested and guaranteed for the creation of systems under UNI9494-1/2012.

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