pneumatic control systems

CO2 tank
Tank from 18 to 500 grams, available with thread 10 x 1, 15 x 1,25, 18 x 1,5 and 21,8 x 1/14” with various temperature gradations.


Thermofusible phials
Heat- sensitive elements Ø 5 and 8 millimetres of various gradations.


control stations

CO2-alarm boxes
Control boxes perform central tasks in manifold areas. We manufacture control boxes for all kinds of markets, custom- made for individual use. Thereby our repertoire ranges from “OPEN”, the simplest type of CO2-activation, up to the “OPEN/ CLOSE”-type with reversing valve and remote initiation places in different boxes.


Powerhouse and emergency buttons / activation
Electronic system for small and average detection system to activate the pneumatics boxes from existing detection systems.
The power stations do continuos controls of the power line or of the liaison to the various drive units. The control panel, protected by the power station’s cover, in zinc-coated metal sheet, is displayed by the emergency buttons model 6 that can be located in various areas of the place as prescribed by the regulations.


Smoke and temperature detectors


Valves for ventilation
Valves for ventilation that can be activated manually or with specific electrical applications (for the connection with the wind/rain detection centrals) or pneumatics; available in numerous configurations for the solution of all needs.


Wind- and rain detectors
We manufacture precise and reliable control centrals for a sensitive and dependable detection. For rain. As well as for wind and rain. Our large business activities comprehend single devices as well as modular combinations for individual requirements. There is an optimal solution for every speci c task.


electric system

Control panels
Available with powers from 15 A to 75 A. Compliant to the currents indications from the EN 12101/10 law (coming soon). Possibilty to connect them to existing detection centrals, temperature and smoke detectors and emrgency buttons (sold apart). The panels do continuos controls of the power line or of the connection to the various devices of activating. The control panel, protected by the cover of the central, in zinc-coated metal sheet, it is visualized by the type 6 emergency buttons that can be located in various points of the place as prescripted by the laws.


24 V motor openers
24 V motor openers guarantee the opening and closing of skylight domes, roof aps and windows for the natural smoke and heat ventilation as well as the daily ventilation. Since years we are manufacturing a large repertoire of high-quality standard actuators from 650 N to 2500 N. Here safety and reliability rank rst. Special drives for opening systems with up to 5 000 N also belong to the range of products.


230 V motor openers
Electronic system for small and medium plants detection for activation of the pneumatic box from existing re detection systems. The control unit performs continouos controls on the cable line in order to detect eventual short circuits.