The overhead light diffusing that comes from the skylight, creating a suitable environment to man and to carry out its various tasks. Several studies confirm that the environment with natural light, gives comfort and ease relations, also skylights allow a huge savings of artificial light. With the use of polycarbonate are obtained, insulation and high profile lighting, as required by European standards.

evacuadores de humo

Italian standard UNI 9494-1 allows the correct design of a natural smoke evacuation system. Specific products are tested according to EN 12101-2 and highly performance A building with a smoke-free layer enables the easy help from the fire brigade, save people and property, reducing the damage caused by the fire.


The application of windows in skylights type Shed with type Thermoshed products or thermoformed plate allows an indirect lighting and a high thermal insulation. The shape of the Thermoshed characteristic, also, has a high resistance to shocks and allows easy insertion of various opening systems both for ventilation and for evacuation.

rejillas antiintrusión

The safety nets applied to skylights protect against accidental drops.
They allow you to retain the weight established by avoiding accidents.
The Poliform integrated system combines the strength of the network with the ease of installation being integrated to a frame that can be opened fixed.
The anti-intrusion grids are railings of specific measure to protect the building from possible theft.


The main material for skylights and domes is polycarbonate.
It can be either in solid compact slab of varying thickness, that in the hollow slab with thicknesses ranging from 4mm to 40mm. 
With the shape alveolar are realized skylights and domes highly resistant to impact and high load capacity, in addition to obtain a high thermal insulation. If there was a need can also be realized domes and skylights in methacrylate.

tipos de fijación

Fix-block system is able to solve the tightness of skylights and domes honeycomb.
The characteristic shape allows a higher seal support on both alveolar that on compact with ease of use on the part of the installers.

The aluminum clamp is a product which finds application especially in the fixing of highly brittle materials such as PMMA (methacrylate).

Pneumatic components

The components, especially for the evacuators CO2 (inert gas) is characterized by the choice of cans, ampoules thermosensitive, of various calibration.

Always available to salable stock as replacement for maintenance or replacement.

Control panels

One of the requirement of the Uni 9494-1 law is the manual opening from the bottom. You get that by connecting the evacuators through a system, electric or pneumatic, allowing the simultaneous or by compartments opening. The power-houses activate some detectors or some dial located in the building. Instead the cylinder boxes containing CO2 of big weight, are activated through a button or through an electromagnetic sensor.

Electric system

Electrical system is a Smoke vents that instead of being controlled from a CO2 canister is actuated by a real 24V or 48V electric motor.

This system certified to EN12101-2, meeting the dictates of UNI9494-1.